25th Birthday: 25 Things You May Not Know About Me

25th Birthday: 25 Things You May Not Know About Me by Florida fashion blogger Absolutely Annie

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Happy Tuesday everyone! I apologize there was no post yesterday, I wanted to wait and post this today because today is my 25th BIRTHDAY! I can’t even believe I am 25 years old. It feels so old. A quarter of a century. HOLY COW. This birthday feels so bittersweet because I am no longer considered “in my early twenties”. On the other hand I am SO excited to see what the next 5 years will bring. My life has changed SO much in my twenties so far, it’s crazy to think about them changing again.

In honor of my 25th birthday, I decided to share 25 things you guys may not know about me. To those that know me, these things may not be that surprising, but for you guys who read my blog all about fashion- I thought it would be fun to share some facts about me. Let’s get started!

  1. I was raised in upstate New York and moved to Florida for college. I have been here for 6 years now!
  2. I did competitive gymnastics for many years before switching to cheerleading.
  3. I have one younger sister-Sarah who is 3 years younger than me. We are complete opposites when it comes to just about everything.
  4. I could live off of Mexican food. Like literally. I eat it way too many times a week.
  5. I love country music but my family hates it.
  6. I am TERRIFIED of spiders. I can’t even look at one or I freak out.
  7. I am a first grade teacher and love kids. This is my fourth year teaching.
  8. I have a constant sweet tooth. I could not live without dessert.
  9. I am pretty competitive and love to have a fun competition.
  10. My first car in high school was a mini van..haha! I actually didn’t mind it too much (except that I was always the driver) but was so happy when I got a new car in college.
  11. I’m addicted to Grey’s Anatomy. I am so happy it’s back for another season!
  12. I am very claustrophobic and HATE elevators and tight spaces. I don’t think I could ever do an escape room without having a complete panic attack.
  13. I have a yellow lab named Jake. I treat him like my son and am obsessed with him 😉
  14. I am addicted to diet coke. I don’t go a day without drinking at least one can of it. It’s a problem.
  15. I bought a house last summer. Although, it’s a TON of work I have never regretted it and I do NOT miss paying rent.
  16. I love being on the water. My family has a sailboat so I grew up on the lake. There is just no better feeling than a day on the water.
  17. I am an adrenaline junkie. I LOVE roller coasters and am dying to go sky diving!
  18. My eyelashes are real. I get TONS of questions from you guys asking if I have ask lashes and/or where I get them done. I was blessed with naturally long eyelashes 🙂
  19. I’m a big sports fan. I love to watch football and basketball games.
  20. I have a procrastination problem. I usually wait until the last minute to get things done but I have been working hard to break this habit!!
  21. I love to ski. I learned to ski when I was really little and used to go all the time. Being in Florida, I wish I was able to go more.
  22. Charleston & Boston are my favorite cities.
  23. My favorite color has always been purple since before I can remember but my favorite color to wear is navy blue.
  24. I am terrible with movie lines and famous people. My friends always get mad at me when I don’t know who someone is.
  25. Math is my favorite subject. I am surprisingly really good with numbers and love tricky math puzzles.


Well, there you have it. 25 things about me for my 25th birthday. Do we have anything in common? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

xx, Annie


  1. Danielle
    October 10, 2017 / 1:31 pm

    Happy birthday love! I always love reading these posts and learning more about people. I did 9 years of competitive gymnastics growing up and then switched to cheerleading as well! Small world 🙂

    xx, Danielle | Pineapple & Prosecco

  2. October 10, 2017 / 9:28 pm

    Loved reading these about you! That’s so cool that you did competitive gymnastics!
    Happy birthday babe!

    cute & little

  3. October 11, 2017 / 1:27 am

    I used to be addicted to Diet Coke but I haven’t had one since September 2015! Moment of silence for all the missed Diet Coke haha

  4. October 11, 2017 / 5:32 am

    Happy Birthday! So fun in this outfit and with these facts! I also love sports – favorite team is Green Bay Packers!

  5. kathryn Kirkhope-Smith
    October 11, 2017 / 12:29 pm

    Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your new Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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